Covering Hong Kong’s Anti-Extradition Protests on Bergger Pancro 400

[Panco 400] Shoot Me: Prince Edward, Hong Kong: An elderly woman presents herself to riot police perched on the roof of Mong Kong Police Station, imploring them to shoot her and not the protestors. Hong Kongers took to rain soaked streets in defiance of the new law banning masks in public. October 6, 2019-Hong Kong-Photo by Aaron Guy Leroux/ Sipa USA

Pancro 400 may not be very well known to people outside the world of 35mm film shooters, but after seeing a review on it from the (now mulleted) George Muncey of Negative Feedback , I was intrigued.

I shot my first frames of Pancro, not on the streets of Hong Kong but among friends and family in Los Angeles, CA.